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my nerf guns Answered

check out my nerf guns and darts please comment and tell me about any mistakes i made and my feet are in pic 2


yup I do so are you gonna get one on ebay

you can make the gun in the middle pic shot farther if you stretch a couple rubber bands between the cocker and the laser pointer so it stretches the rubber bands when you cock.

yeah, i know that kind of stuff already cuz im a nerfer(OBVIOUSLY) but i dont have rubberbands.

hey siper check out my air cannon woot oops sorry forgot youre coming over tommorow anyway so whoops and woot on all ye facecracks

The tech target's barrel is WAY too long. Make the CPVC 3-5 inches. I use 4 inches.

yeah i realized that i was losing power, so i switched it out for a short size. you can see the size on my instructable, just click on my name.