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my new knex gun Answered

it is a really good gun. not the best range good power true triger excelent handle and a mag that never jams when used right. mag holds 11 blue rods also the ram does not need any tape




9 years ago

could use some modding - a rail for that firing pin.

this gun is 8 months old. i was new then. as i joined in late October from what i can remember. if i were to make a gun like this now i would at least add a slide to improve it visually, as there is not much to be done to the body.

That's because the gun is over a year and a half old...by the look of the comments it seems dsman was relatively new around now. Seriously don't revive forum topics until you know the date these were posted. Please and Thank you.

Oops my bad major brain fart...8 months old still pretty old though.

hmm. its good but i think you should balance the firing pin more because its bending a LOT which can permenantly damage your rods


i know. i jus had one rubberband on it and wasent paying atachen

OOOHHHH. That is hardcore awesome!! Post another knex gun instructable!!

now ya see if i was talking on the phone with him i would of been able to tell that. one down side to talking with comments.

Yeah, it can be confusing sometimes.

Like how the handle is on an angle, the rest isn't too new though.

it is kindof hard to see, but if you look the hopper only has one side with tan clips on it. so the bullets can not fall to the side. also i gave it a new handle.


10 years ago

very interesting

thanks. it was going to have a slide on the top but it didnt work. but it is better with out a slide anyway.

I like the magazine and firing pin.