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my new knex guns Answered

these are my new knex guns they are both modded versiond of other peoples guns the first is a modded version of tomboyrmes carbine but instead of firing the pellet it fires yellow rods the second is broken cams productions halo 3 magnum which i have modded alot after this picture to make it stronger and i think that he copied the 9mmm gun from tomboyrme.



10 years ago

1st one's quite good.

Yet another knex gun a 5-8shot mag string trigger strong body strong stock

Photo 17.jpgPhoto 18.jpgPhoto 19.jpgPhoto 20.jpg

which one? the one you replyed to i got all the pics for that one.

i have all the pics but they still need to be downloaded. and ive modded that version a bit by the way.

i have already made 2 mods and it fires 75feet so its quite good and from 40feet it cold go through a tissue box.

everyone feel free to post all your new knex gun ideas on this forum

got the pictures the long way round sorry and hers my latest one i just finished but you could make the barrel alot longer

Photo 16.jpg