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my new longboard!!! Answered

check out what i got!!!! its a landyachtz evo with 10mm bear grizzlys and lime retro big zigs!! i already hit 25 on it!


noice i got the landyathz switch with grizzly trucks bone red bearings and orangatang weels

i skate i am sorry but wut is the point to buy a long board u cant do stuff i mean you can go fare bus it is kinda lame

Long-boardings all about style and smooth curves. Go easy before you bash something you haven't tried.

There wheel sizes allow for higher top speeds, and they can go over things like sidewalk cracks better (not that a normal board cant, just the wheel size makes it a bit smoother). I think there a bit more comfortable too

i'm thinking about getting the switch if i can get the money

lol i don't think anyone here noes what that is and second i don't think it is the right place for you to just show it off, but then again you did put it in sports so i guess its cool ;-)

hopefully mine will turn out nicely ;-)

Yer kidding right? Everyone knows what a long board is. In fact coincidentally I was just googling longboards because I was considering making a deck for my friend for his birthday.

damn right and wayyy more stable at speeds!!

it dose look cool though

Cool what'd you make it out of, wood? How'd you bend it?

he actually bought his off this website.
He didn't make it. I am currently making my own though. i will post some pics when done!