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my newest project, should be posted before the end of winter break. Answered

well, here is a small look at my newest project. should be posted in around a weak(probably less) i was going to post it on december 24, but mepains posting his thing... anyway, here is a picture of it. one good thing about it is that it uses no cut pieces, and only a little tape. but there is one really rare piece that i can't reveal yet, but i will say that it is probably the best knex thing i have ever made.



9 years ago

Just saying, I think you should wait a bit before you post it, because right now everyone's focusing on the K'nexsayer. So just wait until that dies down a little.

So just wait until that dies down a little.

That will take a LONG, LONG time.

What is so great about it? Isn't it just EB's Revolver with a pump and a butt-load of extra pieces? Just because you make something big it's all of a sudden the greatest thing in the world when it would be more impressive if you made it as compact as possible and then that's just what they do. They pull off an Apple and make countless smaller versions of a large weapon so that they just seem like they're the best builder ever for doing what they should have done in the first place over a long period of time. ...no offense IaC.

Try posting your comment on KI. I want to see what happens.

Isn't it just EB's Revolver with a pump and a butt-load of extra pieces?
No, not really.

Trigger system is completely different. Mepain's is contained inside the body as opposed to being outside (EB's is on the right side of the gun) in addition to being completely different systems.

Same with the cylinder rotation system. EB's is not automatic, you have to pull back a lock, then manually rotate the cylinder, where as with the Knexsayer, all you have to do is pull the pump. You can even do that after you have pulled the pump once.

The cylinders and firing systems are also different. EB's ram actually goes into the cylinder as opposed to Mepain's, which has a white rod attached to the back of the cylinder in such a way so that it is sticking out of the back without actually being able to fall out. Notice how EB's only has one clip between the ammo clip and where the ram is while Mepain's has three.

Mepain's also has more power and better range due to it's capacity to fire any size rod you want, not just rods smaller than a blue rod.

Do your research before you flame.

lol big mean productive comment of doom!!

No. It is the best Knex gun made thus far.

I wouldn't like to think so. I get it it's a really good weapon in how it's 8 powerful shots powered by a pump but it's rather big and there are many things that could go wrong with the system. The weapon would be more effective if it were smaller and of course I'm going to get flamed after saying that. It has its limits too and a better weapon could be made.

I actually have to agree with you. In order for it to work, you have to develop a feel with the gun so it pumps right. I didn't like it tbh.

If you have enough skill to build it correctly then you don't have to develop a feel with the gun. My knexsayer worked perfectly from the moment I finished building it.

yet again, jollex insults my knexer talent for his own reassurance. Flame! Flame! Flame! Burning!

I was merely stating that the knexsayer had to be built right for it to work right, which is common sense, no? You're the one who decided to take it in such a way that made it look like I was insulting your knexing skill, which that comment was not trying to do. Someone who can't even make their own block trigger but is very good at following instructions could make the knexsayer perfectly, but that also works the other way around. So I was in no way, insulting your "knexer talent", but rather your ability to follow instructions.

still. I got it working right afterwards. You do have to develop the feel of it.

Well if that wasn't the problem, then why didn't you like it?

Didn't shoot as far as i would have liked, and it snapped my favourite rubberband =/

That could apply to me, I can make my own guns, but I cant follow the instructions that well, because I have to both gather parts and look at how stuff is positioned and built.

Someone who can't even make their own block trigger but is very good at following instructions could make the knexsayer perfectly


Ummm.... no he wouldn't. He would come up with a counter-argument to TD's comment and then communicate it in such a way that made him look like he has a higher mental capacity than TD, and make him seem to have a balanced mental homeostasis.

No I wouldn't. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

Well I was pointing out the whole plan Mepain is probably going to follow that IaC already did by making smaller and smaller versions of his cannon.

so there are smaller versions are being made, but not by mepain. lol, he found a loophole!

Actully, I heard that jollex was making a carabine version

I made a mini version, but Carlisle is working on a carbine version.

No, because that is EXACTLY what IaC did. Except IaC only made his cannons smaller when he realised nobody could make his V1, but he shrank it in increments so that everyone could build the biggest and best cannon possible with the pieces they had.

But... If you are referring to my cannons, Bigger is better. Honestly. Its really about barrel length, thats where you get your power. I wanted to make a very powerful cannon, so it turned out real big. Did you make the Knexsayer?

i made the knexslayer, and sadly, it doesn't work really well. infact, mine does not work at all.

hey IAC, I have an idea! what if someone made both the heavy cannon and the ksayer, then shot the heavy cannon at the knexsayer? I have heard the knexsayer is like a brick, so i wanted to see what happen if it got shot by the most powerful knex gun ever made!

....and this is why I hate you.

Not really a clear reason. Find something better in your life to do than bug me about hating me. Surely you're getting annoyed of my replies by now?

i'm serious. please, go to knex innovation like you said you would and quit spamming people. no need for a "snappy" retort.

It isn't posted here (obviously). If it was, give it... about a week, it'll be somewhere above 3.5 stars, maybe somewhere around 4.

Honestly, I think your DD27 is better than a circle of block triggers with a remote control.

this also has wheels that were cut off from the picture. it moves around.