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my old laptop Answered

i got my old laptop to work, windows 98, and it works perfectly now...this is hard, i know, i've tried, but, does anyone know where to get an anti virus that actually removes the virus? or something that rebuilds the registry?


I used a computer with windows 98 until about 2003. When I upgraded to XP, it was like a whole new world opened up lol. That's nice you have a functional operating system. I would use t for school or give it to someone who is less fortunate than yourself to use.

if it has win98 on it, let's just say it is working the best it can under the circumstances LOL

Hey win 98 is an excellent operating system for obsolete systems. (interpret that as you may). I carried a thinkpad 380 with win98 for school up until a year ago, why? it was free and capable of any writing assignment I needed it for, not only that but the retro styling was awesome.

For years I used a system with Win98se on it. It sufficed but then I guess I have been spoiled now having XP for a few years :-)


10 years ago

Well done for not chucking it away, and thereby extending the Earth's life by at least 3 years. =D

excellent. now its time to mod it. here is the basic strategy: make a plan, make a drawing then tear them up and just start sawing (or dremeling)