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my pandigital will not download from android market? Answered



You have the little pandigital tablet... Right? I have the same tablet, and it will not download from Android market because pandigital does not have some sort of agreement with Google. You're stuck with slide me or any other third party app store. :( I understand that rooting it and changing something in the build.prop would allow you to use market, but that would be illegal and you might brick your tablet. I decided that it wasn't worth it. That's the price we pay for buying a cheap tablet! ;)

There is what I did with my smartQ7 -- I forget the exact procedure but it involved changing the google ID to one you create with an emulated tablet using the sdk -- since the sdk creates an emulated 'legit' tablet, didn't need root either, just some goofy usb cable.

Hmm... but that still doesn't solve the problem of being illegal. :(

it's still linked to my legit google account where I buy legit apps; morally objectionable but I don't believe illegal-- against the tos for sure

I don't really want to get into a huge argument, what you do is your decision, but I do believe that using android marketplace on a device that isn't google certified is against copyright laws... At least in the US.

Will your pandigital download from android market? or will it not? - the words are ambiguous.