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my psp? Answered

my usb on my psp is not working what do i do


well it might be helpful to tel us what you were doing with your psp before the usb function stopped working, as well astelling us if you have modified it in any way, such as LEDs or custom firmware.

we can help you out if you tell us what happened and what the psp was like before it stopped working.

well i was at my cosens house downloading pic then it stoped working the next day

ok, but i still need more info, what generation psp is it? on the back, does it have a thin ring or a thick one? is there a black oval-ish spot on the top?

also, did you install any custom firmware on it?

yes a thick ring
no oval-ish shape on top

so then you have a psp 2000 with official firmware version 6.30.
if you havent done any mods to the psp, there is only 2 possibilities:
-the usb jack on the psp's motherboard could have been broken off, try plugging in a usb cord and see if it wiggles more than it used to.
-the usb jack might have gotten shorted out somehow and could have blown a fuse on the board, plug in the usb cord into the computer and your psp, but dont go into usb mode, instead, tell me if the orange charging light comes on.

alternatively, have you tried to manually go into USB mode?
settings> usb connectiion
your cousins might have changed the settings for the automatic start of the USB connection

my psp has done this before, try turning it off, then take out the battery, then after about 5 seconds put the battery back in and try USB mode.

if that still doesnt ix it, try a different usb port on your computer (one of the ones on the back), if it still isnt working, plug a different USB cord nto the back and test.

if the USB cord is too long the psp may have a hard time sendng its info to the computer, try what i said above and post back.

all i can say is try a firmware update and if its still not working see what sony can do for you, if none of that fixed it then it must be something internal.

Do you still have a warranty?

Start crying, then ask an adult to help you.