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my rabbit isnt eating? Answered

i read on a website that they'll go ina phase where they just wont eat for a couple days. all my other rabbits are eating but she isnt. she just started this today. a few days ago he did this for about ten minutes and i gave him a flower and she ate that, then ate her pellets. what should i do to get her to eat or should i just keep a close eye?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Just keep and eye on it for a few days and make sure it has plenty of fresh water. A couple of days without eating will do it no harm. If the bunny is neither eating or drinking, then there may be something that requires the attention of a vet sooner.

she started eating, honestly i think she stopped for a sort of tantrum thing because before she stopped, we had brought all the rabbits in side each at a time except for her, because she FLIPS OUT when we try to pick her up, she hasnt done it since then since we have been being fair about who comes inside and when

you need to give him timothy hay every day because it helps them digest there food or els they get very constipated and wont eat. i am a animal geek so any questions on animals just ask.

If nothing changes in a day or 2 then take her to a vet.