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my rc car is slow and it is a cheap electric one from argos how can i make it faster? Answered

i don`t want to spend any money and also i can`t get the body off



If you want it to go faster you need to give it more power. Chances are the car's motor is already being pushed to its max so more power could burn it out. But you can sure try adding a battery pack that offers more voltage. But you'll need to take it apart and possibly spend money to get it all together.

The only thing that you can really do is to make it lighter (and therefore faster), if you are not able/willing to spend any money on it. Otherwise I would suggest getting a better motor for it (but that would require money if you don't have a replacement motor for it).

If you can't get the body off, then you're going to have a lot of trouble making it lighter, or doing anything at all that will make it faster...

Perhaps you can post some pictures, if you want help or suggestions in how to remove the body.