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my rock tumbler borke can someone tell me were to get the part or what i can use to replace it Answered

the first one shows the driveshaft with the thingy that was on it that helped it spin the 2nd one is the thingy that helped it spin?


I can't tell what make your rock tumbler is from your pics, but Buy Rock Tumblers Online has a range of spare parts, so you may be able to find what you're looking for there.  There is also a big range of great value, high-quality rock tumblers there if you don't manage to fix yours. 

Good luck!

Having read other comments: can't you fix it with tape?


It looks like one of those childrens rock tumblers that arn't really built to last but maybe if you triple up or however many times a rubber band around it. Or maybe a couple o-rings If you are looking at tumbling lots I would check out the ones made by Lortone. I have 3 of them and they are ment to run, you can get parts for them and are simple. cheers

.... Can't tell from the picture, but it looks like it's just a piece of rubber tubing that was press-fit over the motor shaft so it would have better friction against the drum...?

Try the hardware store. Try a pet-supply store. And, yes, Lemonie's suggestion of using friction tape (which is available at the hardware store) would probably work at least temporarily.

Seconded...surgical tubing would be a great friction fit. Simply clean the post, wet the tubing, and slide it over the shaft, let it dry, fixed :D