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my screen scrambled up after a download. shut my comp down and restarted, but now screen will not come on at all. help? Answered

After downloading a couple of programs, I went to open and install one and my screen image scrambled up. So I manually shut down my computer and then after a minute turned it back on. I can see that the computer's power is coming on but the screen is not coming on at all. I tried plugging in a different screen but that screen would not come on either. Someone told me they thought maybe my graphics card died. Any advice?


1. Is the screen plugged in.
2. Turn it off and back on again.
3. post what software you downloaded.
4. Check with a different video card.
5. If you have done all of those and it still doesn't work, post this on a tech forum.
6. If that doesn't help, you need a new computer.


8 years ago

I ended up refortmating the computer aand that fixed it but it cleans it off completely


Answer 8 years ago

oh i forgot to mention it hapened to me xD

If, when you first boot up, POST (the screen that shows either diagnostic information or the logo of the computer manufacturer) does not display, then I believe it's a safe bet that your video card died. This actually isn't too uncommon; I've seen a couple with popped capacitors, and even changing the capacitor doesn't bring it back to life. If you can see the POST screen, then it's definitely Windows. After POST, hit F8 to see start-up options, then choose "Start Windows in VGA Mode". If you are unable to see anything from there, you're definitely in need of a reformat and reinstall.


8 years ago

It could be a virus. There are several that will infect parts of windows to make it appear to not turn on, or prevent it from starting up. I would burn a copy of ubunut linux from ubuntu.com, and see if the machine works when booting off a cd. if it works, then we know you borked software and not hardware.

Your graphics card my have died. But it's more likely that windows is sticking on boot up. Do you have any idea if windows is going all the way through bootup? Since you were installing a program it might have gone bad and locked up the system making you have to shut off the computer. That very likely caused windows to corrupt. Using another computer Search on the net for "windows boot disk" and download that and follow the directions and you may be able to get it to come back up. If you have another vid. card swap it out and see if that fixes your problem. It's got to be a long shot that the vid card pooped out just as you were installing but it is possible. If the card did go bad as you were installing then that might have caused your install to go bad. Several possibilities there and no way to diagnose it from this end. Good luck.