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my uncle was given a hp pavilion ze4900 and forgot the password is there antway for me to get into it? Answered

i havae tried to reinsatll windows xp but it is still locked is ther any way to get the administrator account or wipe the whole thing with out the password


You could also use OPHCrack, it's a Linux disto used for Windows password recovery.

Like RelaxedSoup said, you can use OPHCrack. However, this assumes that the computer is running either XP or Vista. OPHCrack offers a free crack that has a large amount of characters supported. If you're running Vista, then you're going to have to pay for the same level that they offer for XP. If you're on 7 or any thing else, you won't be able to use the software. I agree also with lemonie. From what you've described, it does look like it may be possibly a hardware password, such as in BIOS. I would recommend asking the previous owner for the password or going to tech support. Good luck!


Press F5 (or F8, it varies by machine) and then move to "safe mode"
Enter account as "Admin", and use no password.

You forgot to say "while booting".  After the boot they don't do what you were expecting.

This sounds like a hardware password to annoy people who steal laptops. Your uncle should ask the person who gave it to him for the password (again).
Otherwise go to www.hp.com, or use www.google.com to search "hp pavilion password"