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my websites cookies are being disabled by my dot.tk domain extension, will.com do the same thing? Answered


currently i am making an online store for which i require cookies , soon i plan on giving my site a .com domain name, but for now im keeping it as .tk.
however, after finnaly learning how to use cookies, i found my .tk extension somehow blocks cookies from being used by the website!
is there a way to fix this?
and when i buy a .com extension, will it do the same thing?
heres a link to my testing site, without the .tk extension

and here is a link to the site with the extension
click on the "testing site " link at the bottom of the page. the .tk url remains the same all throughout the site odly!
all javascript used is on the pages themselves, and can be viewed via view page source in your web browser. i am not using any .js files for this, and do not wish to either.


What exactly does "blocks cookies from being used by the website!" mean?
At what point / where does the problem occur?


well, it means that the website is unable to use the cookies made

didnt you look at the test site?

what happens is, there are 4 areas to write in the value of a cookie.
the first one has full function over the cookies, as it has a button that writes the value of a cookie, the cookie name is ppkcookie, and its value is whatever you typee into the box, it also has an erase button and a button that displays the document.cookie.

now, the other 3 buttons make the value of their cookies whatever the value of the text feild is.

the problem i am having, is that when i access the testing site from a .tk domain, the webpage is unable to read existing cookies (each cookie lasts 24hrs), and it wont write any cookies, and if it does write cokies, i am not able to read them, as the document.cookie file is blank. also, on the next page, the text feild a blank indicating that no cookies have been written.

didnt you look at the test site?
it works on here, but if you accees it like this
jpoopdog.tk-->testing site (link on bottom of page), the cookies are not read, or written when i try to read and write them.

how do i fix this, and will the same thing happen when i make my site a *.com domain?

this is a testing site, to test cookies, not on the actual site, you press a button, it makes a cookie, its not that complicated

Is this a problem with the hosting package / server software then?
(I'm not the least bit interested in testing it because I reckon you will be able to figure it out)


hosting package?
i dont understand, and i dont want to have to find out that it doesnt work just like it doesnt for *.tk, with *.com!

all i know is that cookies cant be written if i access the site via the .tk domain extension.
though, the .tk adress remains the same no matter where on the site.

i dont understand why its doing this, or if it will do the same thing on a .com domain.

is there anyone else out there who actually wants to help?

The domain name references an IP address, I assume that the two domain names point to different ones?
And the pages under the two domains are stored on different servers, yes or no?


no, its all pointing to the one site.
dot tk is a service that renames long urls, like tiny url, but you can choose what the url is, aka jpoopdog.tk.
what i need to know though is if the same thing will happen if i park the domain name jpoopdog.com onto my site?

So the .tk is just forwarding, and you reckon it's the forwarding that stuffs it up?
I can see that, but technically I can't put my finger on it...
A new question perhaps?


i think its the space in /testing site/cookie.html.
IE fills in that gap, but firefox doesnt!

i supose then the only way to fix this is to fill in the gap, and hopefully itle work on firefox too.