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my wi fi wont connect,i have a vodafone netgear modem please help ?? Answered



If your router is about a year or two old, its probably dead.  That's about how long their lifetime is.  Wifi people need to make money too you know.

As HK says below - Need details - say...everything.  What you know, what you don't know, what you've tried, and exactly what happens.

Recommendation whenever a router is acting up:  Unplug it.  leave it off for a minute, plug it back in - now try to reconnect.

Routers are small computers, and they rely on software to run.  This software is often imperfect and glitches up from time to time.  Reboots fix 90% of wireless problems.

Can we have a few more details, please? Like what kind of computer you are trying to connect, was it working before, if yes, when, what changes have you made since then, etc, etc.