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my wireless router doesn't work any more, its a Belkin G. could i just turn it into a regular router? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

 Yes you can!! I have the exact model and uses it as a  system link for when a couple friends and I link up our xboxes.

There should be a small reset button plug in the router and take a paper clip and hold the button down for several seconds untill the lights flash a few times then you are good to go!

Plug in your lan cable from the modem into the jack that it is seperate from the others. It will have a different color box around it from the others.

Now you are set up to use it as a regular router.

Also the reset button may fix your wireless.

Seconded - try a hard reset

Remember, this may turn the wireless back on, and leave it unprotected - so go into the configuration page and either disable wireless or add a strong password.

If the router portion of the thing still works you might be able to.  There should be 4 wired router connections in the back that you can plug into as wired connection.

But whatever is making it not work as wireless may keep it from working as a wired router.