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n64 to game cube plug in to wii controller mod is it possible??????????? Answered

okay i recently saw a way to use your n64 controller on a wii by changing its plug in to the wii console to a gamecube. is there any way to salvage a game cube controller strip the wires and connect it to the n64n64.(the n64 has three wires white red black) not sure of the gamecube controller? to better understand me i got a pick off the internet and edited it to better understand me. if any one is up to it would make a perfect ible. u can buy off the net but i want to make it any suggestions


It should be possible. If I had the materials, I would make it
1.use an n64 and gamecube extension cord
2. Strip the wires and hook them up to the n64
3.hook it up and test
I hope i helped

They do use the exact same protocol, so should be possible. However you may get issues due to the different buttons, but then again all the bits in the n64 controllers data-stream aren't used. If you are still interested pm me.