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nPlayer Game Clock for Hexagonal Chess (Need Help Sourcing LCD and Misc Parts) Answered

Hello, I am sourcing components for a project. There is a 3 player chess variant called hexagonal chess. I want to make a 3 player game timer. The idea is to have three displays, one for each player on their side of the board. Each display has a button to stop the timer and start the next. Because there are 3 players, it won't work well to have a single timer between them, as is done with a 2 player timer.

I don't have much hardware experience but I can read/write C/C++ well enough. I will be developing under Linux.

These are the components I am considering.

arm m0+, needs some modification to activate real time clock.
has usb control

4 digit, 7 segment display
A basic LCD display - $6.86 each, can I find these cheaper elsewhere?

Will the m0+ be capable of driving 3 of such displays simultaneously?
Is there perhaps a more appropriate solution?

What other bits am I missing? Like I said, I don't have much hardware experience. I know I need buttons...I've never hooked up an LCD before, is there anything special I need? I downloaded the manufacturer PDF for the particular unit (FE0202W). It doesn't give much info. It doesn't even say how much voltage it is rated for. Is this just such a basic component that it doesn't matter so much???

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PS: All designs/code will be published under an opensource license.



In general, the experience here is more with arduino, pics, attiny, and raspberry pi. I don't even know what you need to even program that freedom board and if it is open source. That said, there are some multi-line alphanumeric displays 2x16, etc or even small display panels to hook up to these microprocessor for your output. I think these microprocessors may only have enough pins to drive one display. Having several start/stop switches should be no problem. Look up some clock instructables to see if they can be modified to keep track of three timers. Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback. Mabe I should try hackaday, I have seen ARM dev boards talked about there. Nevertheless, the hardware side is very arduino. It's pin compatible with arduino shields. The board has a really neat programming circuit on it, all I need to do is compile the program with GCC and copy it to the board, which will appear as a usb drive. Easy. I will try and find some instructables on using these 7 segment displays. I really need to emerge flash though. A lot of content is unavailable without it. Not enough pins to drive three displays? If that is so, is it something that can be overcome by shift registers? I've heard them mentioned but have never worked with them.

I'm just a beginner with arduino so I couldn't really advise you there. Edit this topic title to "How can I make three player electronic chess timer?" to catch the eye of others.

I edited the title to include a call for help. I' still hunting for a good 7 segment LCD driving tutorial/breakdown.