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nativewater - Build a Greenland Kayak - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist! Answered

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nativewater was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:
Build a Greenland Kayak

Should this project win the grand prize VersaLaser laser cutter package from Universal Laser worth over $15,000? Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Audience votes will count for 20% of the total. Check out all the finalists, and vote for your favorites!

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Remote Man

10 years ago

This thing just looks really really sexy. I voted for you! its not very fair, because graffiti research labs have put up on their website to vote for them, and their really popular. But good luck anyway!

cllinker !!

10 years ago

This is a very well written Instructable. I built an Aleutian Kayak (Baidarka) from a book Nativewater wrote some years ago. It came out well. I used considerable salvaged material including an ice damaged Eastern cedar for the ribs, bent green. With this instructable and ingenuity a person should be able to build a fine, usable Greenalnd kayak for a bargain price.