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need a jig for cuttin styrofoam straight/smooth surfaces? Answered

I'm trying to get into lost foam (aluminum) casting, so I just build a styrofoam cutter ("frame" with a hot-wire).
It's pretty difficult to handle because it melts trough the styrofoam so quickly and it's hard to hold perfectly straight and every movement makes an impression in the styrofoam part.

I need some ideas on how to make a jig that makes it easy(er) to make smooth surfaces in the styrofoam part,
I was thinking something that adjusts the distance between the hot wire and the table/surface and then just slide the styrofoam across the table/surface through the hotwire for making plates (easy),
but I need to be able to change the distancee between the surface and the hotwire for different thinknesses but also somehow be able to make angles and hopefully also somehow ROUND PIECES AND CYLINDERS :o

hope you can give me some inputs :D
and even better some pictures, drawings and links


thanks great ideas :) now i only need a way for cutting circles, arcs and cylinders

Make a device like a bandsaw, but the band is hotwire.

Yep - Put a guide rail the right distance from the wire and cut slowly.

I used to fix a suitable bit of wood to the bench and put the hot wire cutter at the end for big lengths of foam - Cuts really well and you can get very think cuts.

Of course if it is extruded foam (blue or pink insulation foam) you can cut it on a band saw.