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need cool bedroom ideas!! Answered

 my room is very small but has lots of built-in shelves on one wall. Im looking for anything cool, creative, automatic and simple. trying to get to know this website better and would love some helpful tips. im not looking for furniture, just little things to make my room cooler and more fun to be in. thanks!


 I've got a room in my basement affectionately called the mancave. it's got my computer and my tv in it. it also has a ps2. that's the first part- put cool things in there. nobody likes a cool looking room with nothing to do. second, find cool lighting things. fiber optic night light? throw that in there. christmas lights? that too. crazy lamp covered in police-style electrical tape? that's good. you get my drift. then, if you find something interesting, hang it on the wall. ANYTHING INTERESTING. I have a mountain dew label up there, a big line of pop cans, a shipping label from journey's that was shipped to one "codemaster flex" (long story), an accidental invitation for my brother to the annual "miss teen akron" (his name could be mistaken for a girl's); a giant mona lisa poster (her face covered by a duct tape mask I made while I was sick)..... anything. but the one thing is- keep it clean. I made that mistake. mine got dirty as heck. I just cleaned it today. used my dad's steamcleaner on the carpet and everything. it was nasty. 

oh, also, there weren't really "doors", there were just door-sized holes on either side of the room. so we made really awesome "doorways" by taking a ton of caution tape and putting them vertically in strips on the doorways.

name in grafiti on wall

cover door in caution tape

Im looking for something like that too... Have any of you heard of the myst series? Well if you have, i'm looking for ideas to decorate my room based on the myst series. If you have heard of myst please help me. :)

beat lights

beat lights are the lights that light up when playing music and they get really bright when the bass gets loud

 where are they sold? how much are they and how would i hook them up to my music?

Not sure where they're sold, but I think they're either speakers so they connect directly to your computer, and flash and what not, or they just have sound sensors so you can just plug it in.

cover your walls with posters and artwork and what not.... it takes a while but its worth it =)  these are some pictures of my room 

 wow thats really cool...i would do that but my walls are mostly filled with jerseys and stuff but maybe ill take them down and do that

yea its pretty awesome =)    just to warn u now tho it takes SSOOOOOOOOO long so don't try to do it all at once 

 I tried to simulate the effect of months of doodling on a duct tape pencil case I made once.... I got caught, though. some girl asked my why it was blank yesterday and full of random crap today.

First thing you should do is pick up all the dirty cloths.  And get those dirty socks out from under that bed,  there's something growing on them.  Straighten up those books.  Is that half a cheeseburger under your pillow?


8 years ago

Put a mirror on the opposite wall to the shelves-as big a one as you can. It will 'open'  up the room.

Check out the thrift shops or suchlike for a mirror. (I found a large one in the 'as is' section of Ikea, much cheaper than the ones they had in the store-it had a tiny mark on one corner).

Keep the room a light colour, and the ceiling white-or light. A small room looks poky with darker colours.

Use a curtain rod that is wider than your window/s, then put your curtains/nets either side of the window resting on the walls (when they are drawn). This makes your window/s look much bigger.

Good luck!

 Bean bag chairs

you can grow plants  on some of the shelfs like fill a bag with soil cut a hole in it and plant seeds in it