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need electronic builder Answered

i got a project that i will need  help with i got a small entertanment center and want to have a little light show  from my ps3 i play fps games like mw3 and battlefield  and want to have a leds blink flash when i shoot or when music is playing  if some one could make a very simple  diagram on how to build or contact me


Here is an instructable for the music LEDs. Built one myself and it worked really well. If you wire it in with your sound system it would also light up with the noise of a shot. I used a headphone jack splitter and line in with my stereo to hook both up simultaneously



5 years ago

I don't know the circuit diagram of a PS3 Controller, but I think you can work with the signal of the buttons.

For the music I have no idea right now. (Maybe when I'm at home)