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need help designing a Window Well cover Answered

I am tired of the cheap plastic window well covers that are so expensive to buy at the hardware store. My 3 year old daughter has already fallen through one of these into the well as it disintegrated into sharp plastic shards. Thankfully she was uninjured and I vowed not to let this happen again. I have thought about having steel grate cut and welded, but that will be very expensive. My requirements are that light can get through and they be strong enough to stand on. My ideas include using finish grade plywood and drilling circular holes, and having the finished grate set on L shaped Aluminum brackets within the well. But i need help. I am appealing to my fellow creative muggles to come up with an inexpensive and useful solution. A sincere thanks in advance. Rick


In the line of thinking of lemonie, build a half cone shaped trellis. Then you could have potted plants that like to climb fill it out. This would keep the random kid or pet from falling in and look nice too.

Thanks lemonie, My genius Uncle came up with a similar solution, but using Trex. I guess it is a plastic material used for decks. Very good solution. I will be posting the result. I noted others seeking the same solution on the DIY website. I liked your use of graphics on the photo. Thanks, Rick

It's an interesting well, looks like it was created after the window - do you think the level has been raised at some point and would you know why? L

It is most definitely a non standard well, house was built in 1948. Windows I think are circa 1978 when an addition was built.

How about using (treated) timber? L