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need help on 555 110v timer. Answered

hey guys w up? i`m asking for help, i`m trying to develop (i have one, similar) a 110 v timer based on the 555 (or any other) i have seen many timers on the web but they run on 9v batt and i do not have room for the transformer , can u help me ??? all (just nothing) all i need is the electronic diagram . i need the timer to work on 110v and run two different cycles a: 90 seconds b: 180 seconds and cut the power. (untill you press the push button again) i have an electric diagram. tx so much. if you need help w something (i`ll try to help you if i can) even if you can`t help me ..ask e have nothing to loose.



9 years ago

hey your request got me to sign up. Looks like you last check on it in Aug so maybe I'm too late. I can't tell if you have built many electronic circuits before so if I suggest something basic don't take it the wrong way. First off - 110v (assume the main house power) can be dangerous - fire, shock etc. the 555 circuit will need to run on a small dc voltage, get a datasheet on it if you have not already. suggest using a small battery for the 555 part and a relay to open and close the heavy power. Also, I bought a device (think it was $15-20) to remotely control the outside lights. It wireless controls any 110 device. It's made by dimang. hope this helps

i´m really sorry to take this long to answer ... long story short... was ill... now better ... lol i had the diagram for one circuit running at 110v... i lost it... i know a little about electronics but not enough to make my own circuits... im re taking the proyect... tx for the help!! and once again ...sorry.

i´ll look in to it ..tx .. never is too late ... lol

iam wanting to know how a 555 timer works, because i want to change the frequncey on my simple indution heater, how would i set that up?