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need help selecting a controller Answered

I have 3 nema 23 stepper motors. unfortunately I cant find instructions in English for the controller. and the controller is incomplete when shipped. the controller that came with it is a tb6560-t3-v5. never used, but cant find instructions nor anyone who can explain it to me.

I need a new controller with good instructions for 23hs22-2804s. any suggestions or anyone who can explain that?


I would look into getting the GShield or TinyG instead, both of them use GRBL, and both will probably suit your motors well. https://www.synthetos.com/project/grblshield/

what I don't understand are these parts.

5vtout gnd +5

oc ry2 ry1

input gnd in5 in4 in3 in2 in1

I do not know what to hook to these or where they plug into on the pc.


this does help some. unfortunately mine has a couple of other plugs on it. I am not a technical person. more an end user.

I will upload a pic of the unit asap. I kinda need a walk through on this. after I get the pic up I can post a better phrased question.