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need help troubleshooting Answered

I already posted a question about this and I got a lot of suggestions, close to 10 I believe, and all of them did not work. the last time it was on a breadboard so I figured that was the problem. I soldered it onto a neat PCB from radioshack now, but it doesnt even turn on. it is a TPA6021A4 amplifier I (attempted) and on the breadboard it had alot of distortion so I figured it was the breadboard. the amplifier and the L7805 powering it, heats up (although on the breadboard the L7805 heated up anyways but that was connected to a 12v wall wart.) and Ive never seen an L7805 heat up when powered by a 9v battery. Im using a 3w speaker because it is the smallest I have. Im not worried about any distortion I may or may not get I just want it to turn on! this question is getting a little repetitive (posted 3 times now on instructables and 7+ on other places) so I think if I dont find the answer im giving up. DISCLAIMER: this will probably be the worst solder job you have ever seen. If thats the problem please tell me, although 555 timers work just fine. Heres the datasheet:  http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/126743/TI/TPA6021A4.html


As I said in your original thread, and your schematic confirms, you haven't connected the inputs
correctly. That's one of the reasons the supply is overheating. You've
probably destroyed the chip into the bargain -since you report the volume control no longer works, and you've tried randomly connecting outputs together.

i dont think there broken, but to be safe ill put them away for when i get access to the right parts.

so i broke the chips? that blows i spent alot of money on those.

Next time do some proper testing first and make sure everything is connected the right way and with the right power levels.
Get a new chip and try again ;)