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need help welding Answered

I have a 1970 HT panelvan which i am restoring. I have replaced a floor panel but i cannot get the main undersuport panel to take to the new floor panel i have cleaned thw paint off the area need and clamped it tight. I drilled holes throught the support panel and gave plenty of weld but it did not take in any area why is this happening can anyone help


Try a different type of metal.

Unless he is using explosives to clad the metals, he cant use a different metal.

Isn't that basically the same thing I said? Actually you can if you use brass

I can't "prove this" by a quick online search (although I tried to), it sounds as though one of 2 conditions exists: either the gauge of the metal is so different, the one is not getting to a proper temperature, or they are vastly different metals (I suspect this) and the weld is not taking because of incompatibility.

no I thought that too, but the metals are the same and supplied by rare spares for replacement of this part as it is a common problem in this vehicle. They are the only ones available, what sort of mig/wire/gas do you use when you are flat welding? maybe that will help me.

mig welders dont use rods my freind??? lol

Sorry, I missed that in your original subject up there, I hadn't realized you were using MIG

Hmm, I only have one welder at home, a 100 amp standard electric arch welder. It is not so good with thin metal (eats it like wax in a flame) and some alloys just distribute heat too well.

Your case almost sounds like you are using plane welding rods without any flux coating on them.

Or, as Nacho said, you may just need to get it hotter, and so bumping up the amps may help. *shrug*

use self tapping screws to hold in place tightly before welding together when done simply weld holes shut. mig with co2 25% & 75% argon aka c25 .023" wire and short tacks all across then go back and do more tacks untill it is fully welded. if dissimilar guage concentrate most heat on thicker material. check out metal fabricators handbook by ron & sue fournier or welder's handbookboth published & printed by hpbooks these should help out good luck!!

that sounds like a great idea skooter. will give it a try on sundy and get back to you. all, thanks for the helptalk to you all monday night Wayne

sorry about that er70s-6 wire solid not fluxcored

When I was a kid watching my dad, I believe he needed a hotter weld. But he has a piece of metal it was in like a point and it was torching it, with a welder i believe for a while, and then using that to welde. Dunno if it helps, but someone did mention its not hot enough, but I'm not sure if he used this method to get it hotter but it seemed a bit odd at the time.

Do you mean the welding rod ? That is what supplies extra metal so you don't melt the pieces away that you are trying to weld. And, in most cases it also supplies the flux needed to keep oxides away.

. Try a few more amps and/or reversing the polarity. And make sure all pieces are well grounded. . PS: What does the HT in "1970 HT panelvan" mean?