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need help with camera Answered

i have a kodak easyshare c643 and for some reason it stopped importing pictures...help!


The only way to diagnose your problem, other than erasing the memory card, is to connect it to a computer in another fashion or try a different memory card. A card reader can be purchased for as little as $20US and another memory card can be had for a bit more. Your printer may already have the card reader, many newer ones do. Another possibility is if your printer has a USB port in front. If it does, you can test to see if the printer can see the camera by plugging the camera into that port. If it works, the problem's in your computer's driver.

oi, i guess i should have said this earlier i took some pictures a while ago and now they wont import onto my computer so now i cant publish my instructable which would come out as soon as i got the pictures

To get the pictures off of your camera's memory card, invest is a very inexpensive card reader. These devices plug into any USB port and will read the card from your camera. If there's a problem with the memory (as is apparent since you can't read it with the camera), you can use hard drive repair utilities with the memory card reader. If you have a photo printer, there's a good chance it has a built-in card reader.

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You should install/reinstall the software that came with the camera.

Have you checked the memory card with a card reader or printer? Does it appear okay?

i dont have a card reader what i usally do is put the camera on the base and plug the base into my computer

Have you tried a different memory card? Does it upload pictures with just the internal memory, no card?