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need help with knex roller coaster Answered

can a knex coaster expert make an 'ible on making custom coasters plz the guillotine


I recommend you to go to SSCoasters.net, you can ask how they build a big coaster like that, also you can learn the basics from them.


7 years ago

I know this coaster is not yours but is the coaster in the pic based on any particular knex set?

how do you make a knex wooden support and could you tell me how to make some cool wooden roller coaster features

Micro or normal coasters.

how did u make wooden roller coaster?and dont u have a transfer if u do can u plz post video or tell me how u made it.

Are you "knexpert06" from youtube?

Acexxacer has hardly any pieces from what I remember.

0.0 I just remember your guns being really skeletonish...

You do know this guy has built over 10 huge and complex coasters in his room. It is crazy. He even has trees on the ground and cool stations and signs. He rules.

ooer. I only use the original rollercoasters. :( But i could use mclad? If that makes rollercoasters.Nope.I'll try RCT3

Erm, Just make it stap by stap in small sections. I might suggest downsising a bit for the instructable because very few people will have that many pieces. Awesome Coaster!

1: oh.. Whoops 2: I suggest talking to the_burrito_master. He is really good with coasters. 3: I know. :-)

hey if you go to sscoasters.net and make an account and look at a lot of pictures of construction ,videos ,and tutorials it will help more than I can. then build your own and have them help you along

well, i know how to make them but i don't know if i am a expert. i would ask the_bruitto_master about it. he is the best i know.

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