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need help with my circuit design, how do i fix the overlaps? Answered

im trying to build a switch interface but i am having an issue of overlapping pcb 'wire things' is my solution to use double sided or by adding some new components?



8 months ago

Judging by how it looks, it appears like KiCad's schematic view. Are you trying to do a PCB layout? You need to create a netlist and then open up the PCB editor in kicad and import that netlist. It might fail if you don't give the parts appropriate packages.

Through hole resistors are nice because they allow you to pass traces underneath them. If that is not enough in order to do the routing, you can use a multi-layer board. 2 layers (top and bottom) is generally enough, unless you start doing some crazy stuff with large BGA packages like FPGAs, far more advanced stuff.


Still some layouts are so simple that one can see the trace net inside the old grey cells at a glance ;-)


8 months ago

Again a demo layout using THole or SMT resistors one sided PCB with no overlap...

Then there are the simple solutions of using an insulated wire jumper...

It is very strange that with your skill you have never noticed these PCB trace solutions...


At the schematic level or on the printed circuit board design? If circuit board, you can either use wire jumpers to "hop" over things, or use a via on a dual or mulitilayer board (PCB).

if schematic, you've executed that correctly (with the exception of Audio-jack-4, which should terminate in a "dot" at the 10K resistor between 5V and A0 )


Answer 8 months ago

Here you are...


I can do that with through hole resistors but i assume that with smd the only way to do this is to use 2 sided pcb if so how would i connect the traces of each side together?

You have no idea, how hard it will be for you to solder SMD resistors..

And you will probably learn what Tomb-Stone means !

How good are you at soldering 20 mil pitch ICs or 1/8 watt Thole resistors..

just so you know i use a rework station. also your replys are rather hostile you have no need to be that way.

Sorry, with no published skills on your page you gave me the impression of an amateur with no experience but even with your rework station you never saw a trace running under an SMD resistor or VIAS = through holes to the link the component side and solder side traces... I want to be honest and friendly, definitely not hostile... So are you going to design a PCB to be fabricated, what help do you need to make your shield interface ??

double sided boards connect traces from one side to another using something called "vias", which for a simple hand made board are pads atop each other that are drilled then soldered with a short pie of wire. When a double-sided board is fabricated by a "board house", they're actually plated through holes. Usually very small, only large enough to pass the required current.

correction :

...then soldered with a short *piece* of wire.

No, you can route under a surface mount pakage - make life easy, use 1206 size resistors.