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need help with my esc and tq colaberation ? Answered

Thanks for your time,I have a question?i had just bought a 69 monster traxxas rc camaro .For a whole day i was having fun cruising ..The next day i unpluged the batteries from charger.Plugged the batteries to the car, And my esc went up in smoke...now i have a 320a brush brushed esc with no buttons and the reciever'"has no buttons for binding the esc has no buttons..Now how do i connect all three things?I wAs thinking since the reciever is al ready binded with my transmiter because i bought it that way ,,how do i do the 320a esc And i was wondering how many volts or what kind of power and how much do i use to power up a reciever and can i use transmitter and recievr with out esc


You need to locate and cure the problem that broke the ESC in the first place or it will happen again.

Your receiver should be fed from a BEC either built into the ESC or seperate - No more then 5 volts.

Your ESC is fed from the receiver - signal - and from the battery - Power.

Your ESC should have come with a data sheet explaining how to calibrate - IF not look up the maker and see if they have a web site with the information on it.

Generally you - Set throttle to 0 - Attach battery to ESC - ESC bleeps - Set throttle to 100% ESC bleeps again - Set throttle to 0 ESC bleeps several times - Calibrated.