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need help with science fair ? Answered

please i want to get a head start this year on science fair (I am a overachiever) the requirements i need are. *anything involving soldering ,or hot glue, electronics, etc. *anything that is a high school grade project. *computers robotics


A robot that builds robots. bust out a reprap. They're kind of pricey as a project but useful to use afterward.

Even a basic CNC machine that can carve out 3D designs would be very impressive.

make a solar battery charger that powers a light inside a model home then you can demonstrate solar energy, and that it is useful

What experience do you have, that is, what would be best suited to your skill set: circuit design, PCB layout, robotics from scratch, modifying something to be a robot, theory, proof of concepts, programming chips, etc.?

amateur soldering skills, mad hot glue gun skills ,and i dont know dust when it comes to programming


8 years ago

Sounds like an Arduino is the way to go. Pick up a barebones Ardunio kit, solder it up, and program away. You can make just about anything with it. Rip some stepper motors our of an old scanner, and make a robot from it...just about anything!


Start off by searching this site for those keywords.