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need help xbox 360 mod Answered

hey everyone i just modded my xbox controller using the simple xbox 360 mod by a guy who posted on this website.i have succesfully got my push button to fire but its at the same rate of speed as my trigger is. so im curious to know why it isnt rapid fire, or fully automatic? can some troubleshoot that be sweet thanks


break it in half after u re solder it. it helps to establish a great connection between your wallet and the store like xbox live lol

Also make sure it is a momentary switch...if nothing else, it probably has a weak connection. Try holding down the trigger and the extra button. If still a problem, you'll probably have to resolder.

I couldn't get the mod to work on halo3 so if you're trying it on halo3, then try it on cod4. If you're on cod4, make sure you're controller looks like the one he uses. A good way to tell is when it's open, the y button contact has a vertical split while the other buttons have a horizontal. (if you take the battery pack off look to the bottom right next to the middle gray thing and see if theres C62 in small white print; this is a good way to tell without opening it) If you have a controller that's too new, then all the buttons will be split horizontally; it doesn't work with this controller. Also, you need to use rechargeables that are like 3/4 capacity or so. Sometimes freshly charged ones cause the mod not to work. And you can't be charging while trying it with the cable.

can you give a link to the instructable you followed ?


its under "games and tech" as www.instructables.com if the link doesn't work/

yeah can you help me out in what couldve gone wrong? id appreciate it. I used an old controller and a new one got the same result. button acts as a second trigger. jsut let me know what you think thanks

I am not sure....let me take a gander at the instructable and see if I understand that first :-)