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need ideas for a simple,r less costly wacom tablet-like device Answered

hello fellow members of the instructables community i have a project idea that has been simmering for a few months now and has finally reached the "need technical ideas" stage so here is my idea i am now at long last a college student and am taking a couple math classes which are going very well the only problem is that i have literally a file cabinet of notes already (i have been going to college for only 2 months) i can not keep up  with all my notes so i have realized that a digital tablet would make my life much easier but i am very low on funds so what i need  
is some way of making/obtaining a digital tablet for relatively little cost 

any ideas are greatly appreciated,

thank you


fungus amungus

8 years ago

I have a Wacom tablet (Bamboo Fun) and I love it. Mice are dead to me now. If you can afford it, I'd recommend buying one. Great for avoiding stress on your wrists.

If it's for your notes, I'd recommend using a scanner. Or even a digital camera set up to take pictures like a scanner. Whichever option's cheaper or already available to you.

Then save the photos with evernote so you can access them from anywhere. I was a math major in college and if I had that option my backpack would've been a lot lighter.


8 years ago

Photo the blackboards ?