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need instructions for connecting and using stereo speakers in multiple rooms Answered

I have one stereo and a set of stereo speakers in two different rooms (bedroom and living room). Sometimes I like to play the speakers in both rooms (fill the whole place with music as I move from room to room)but sometimes I like to turn them off in one room and leave them on in the other room. I do not want to buy new equipment just want a VERY SIMPLE switch box to switch off the speakers in one room and leave then on in other room. Anyone know how to do this?



10 years ago

. What you are looking for is often called an A/B/Y switch. Here's a diagram. Doesn't provide any impedance matching, but you asked for "VERY SIMPLE."


Reply 10 years ago

or 2 normal 2-pole (for stereo) or 1-pole (for one signal) switches may be used instead of A/B/Y with amplified speakers a standard 1 or 2 pole changing switch (A/B/off) can be used too