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need some basic help with resistors and arduino Answered

I'm just starting an arduino uno that I got for christmas and I have almost no electronics experience. I have a breadboard that can give me 6 volts, but what type of resistor do I need to get 5 volts out of it, or is it possible to split the 5v pin on the arduino board. What I'm trying to do is recieve an input from 2 buttons. I tried searching for it on google and found nothing. Let me know if I posted in the wrong section too, because I wasn't quite sure if the Tech section is right. Thanks in advance.


I'm not sure what you are doing with a power source from the breadboard but:

How are you powering up the Arduino? Do you have a USB cable connected to the computer? That powers up the arduino, from which you can power your circuit and breadboard by extending wires to the gnd and +5v on the Uno header socket itself.

You can go to arduino.cc website to see the starter tutorials there.

thanks for the fast reply.
I have the USB powering the arduino and I am trying to get 5 volts to 2 buttons. Do you think I could the arduino's 5 volt socket to power both buttons?

look at the website for the tutorial on using a switch and getting the arduino to sense the switch open/close by lighting up the onboard LED. You can then figure out how to add as many switches as there are inputs and more LEDs. The onboard power is limited but good for most simple circuits that don't draw too much power like when you add lots of motors and stuff. Good luck.

Thanks again, I think I may have got it, and thanks for the link to the site. I knew the site existed but I didn't know they had tutorials.