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need some help cleaning a grimy shower Answered

hello everybody i have recently been given the task of cleaning my family's shower and it is pretty bad (if you don't believe me see the pictures) what i need is help creating something that will get rid of the grime that has taken hold of my shower i am concerned that this will become a health issue if left unattended any ideas are good ideas 

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like once a week. That's black mold and it doesn't happen overnight.

What it looks like is that the shower needs regular cleaning, like once a week. That's black mold and it doesn't happen overnight. ZEP makes a mildew/mold cleaner that is excellent. It's sold at Home Depot and other big box stores.

In the UK we have foam cleaner that comes in a deodorant style canister it works wonders. follow up with a spray of anti mold cleaner.

Tile and grout cleaning in showers is hard work. First of all to remove the water deposits and soap scum you need to use an acid base cleaner like CLR or vinegar. After a mild acid scrub and rinse use an exit mould or bleach for mould removal. Remember to wear a breathing mask and gloves and do not use acid cleaners on natural stone tile. Have a look at our SX12
tile cleaning service and see how this indoor pressure cleaner works a treat. Silicone with mould growth in it will need to be replaced.

AJAX. Check the label to make sure any cleaning product you use won't damage your shower.

AND that any cleaning product you might use around the same time, will not kill you with fumes.....Ajax has bleach in it IIRC.

Seems more like you need to rake and scrape out anything that is in the joint that runs along the base tiles with the floor. Reseal with a bead of mold resistant silicone caulk. Same goes for the shower door enclosure. You might need some elbow grease to scrub with a good stiff brush and heavy duty bathroom cleaners(ventilate and be careful of combining stuff that creates toxic clouds). Grout could probably be resealed too after it is cleaned. Good luck.