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need some help with making an amp for speakers Answered

i have a speaker that looks like the ones in the image but it has bigger magnets. its a 3Watt and 4 Ohms. i have another speaker but its only a 1.5 watt and i can't remember the ohms i think 3 Ohms. i wanted the 3watt speaker to be a little subwoofer in a little box that i am making but i don't know how to make an amplifier that can make one play regular and the other one just bass. if you have one i can buy it off of you if you will let me. get some info how to make an amp of you can sell me one and witch one i connect it to and i plan on using a   9 volt battery.

the 3 Watt speaker came from a KAIDEAR portable speaker.
these speakers are how the kaidear speakers look but with a big magnet and i only have 1 speaker for a little sub and a t.v. speaker for regular audio.


What you need is a crossover circuit to isolate the lower frequencies to go to the one you want to act as a sub. Though a speaker that small won't have very good bass reproduction. Almost not worth putting a crossover on it. But you can find schematics for small 3Watt amps and basic crossover circuits online. Just google it. But if you still have the amp from the original speaker you can just use that and add the crossover between the speaker and amp.