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need some help with my project (boombox) Answered

hello guys so i have been working on this project for some time (i know its not complicated) and i need some help with it. So i bought this old-school suitcase it was mainly made out of plastic so i glued some plywood  on the inside of the suitcase, ive cut  some holes for the speakers and vuala its semi-completed. So im using 4 mid-range speakers and 1 low-range speakers, so i yesterday i made the first sound test and to say the least the sound quality was terrible (i know it wont be a high quality sound boombox but i have made one some time ago). So my question / request would be if you guys have any suggestions maybe you know some cheap but decent quality amp or know anything about building speakers or stuff like that ( because i have pretty close to none experience in building them)

BTW im using lepai lp 838

I would really appreciate any advices or suggestions. THANK YOU!

ohh and sorry if this thread is missplaced or if my english is horrible.


stiffening ! the low end speaker ( an aluminum plate , etc . glued to the inside ): o

also : adding 2 x 4 wood pieces on inside - can glue or use wallboard screws from

outside in , to make more rigid - the way interesting ' sleeper cabinet ' )

Does anyone know if making the whole box closed would make the sound better?

Try this without the sub output connected, it seems to have issues with it.

If that fixes the problem it might not be getting enough amps from the power source.

Also check your speakers are 4 or 8ohm, if they're 4 ohm then the both in parallel will give you 2ohms, so a series configuration might suit the amp better.

Also what kind of terrible does the arrangement sound like?

hmm ive played alitle with the series / parallel did some soldering / fixing it sound ok now. I have these air ports (im not sure wht the correct term is for it) but im not sure whether i should put them in my boombox or not, i have googled some info about them but theres no straight answer if they do anything good or not :D

If it sounds really awful there is likely an issue with the setup before you get as far as porting and cabinet construction. If it's working better try it across a range of volumes with and without the sub channel, it might be more trouble than it's worth to use it.

Before the ports and all that if you're getting a rattly, scratch sound firm up your casing and look for looseness and large amounts of flex.

Making sure the compartments for the speakers are well sealed off from each other and approximately the right size should also help matters in strengthening the case.

thank you for the answers! i was wondering if it would be better (for the low sounds) if the whole box would be sealed because now the only thing covering the top ir the leather suitcase top.

I think if you are trying to get help with electronics, maybe you should draw a circuit diagram of what you have hooked up. You would need to state the impedance and rating of each of the speakers - 4 or 8 ohm, voltage required, maybe what frequency range they can drive. From there, they can say if it is matched to the output of that auto car amplifier you are using. Maybe that subwoofer does you no good. And then from there, they might be able to point out how to construct the interior baffles or porting of the speakers and where they are mounted to get better sound. By the way, what is the power source for this? batteries or wall supply? Good luck.

theres not really much to draw, i just hooked up speakers to the amp and thats it all the speakers are 8 ohm, i dont have any other specs because i got them from old home theater system. For now im using an old pc power supply, but i will get some batteries for it.

and how many outputs do you have on the amp and which speakers are connected to which - in series, in parallel?

3 outputs, 1 for low speaker 2 for left and right mid speakers

2 mid range speakers are connect in parallel for both channels and low ranhe has its own channel