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need someone to design something to help me not put pressure on my broken ankle so i dont need to use crutches? Answered

i broke my ankle and had surgery and have to use crutches which isnt that easy. i need something i can use to be a complete alternative to crutches or to make them a hell of a lot easier.


Simple. Make a pressure absorber.

4-wheel kick scooter with a leg rest. You would have your foot bent back so your sore ankle would be supported. http://www.slida.orconhosting.net.nz/pics/gallery1_06.jpg Just imagine a support on the left leg of this lady and right leg would do the kicking. The leg support need to be padded and formed u-shaped channel to keep the leg in place and stop the knee getting bruised.


8 years ago

if your crutches are hard to use you might have been given the wrong size. this happened to me when i fractured my ankle and the crutches were way too big. also if there too big  they can cause nerve damage so it might be a good idea to try setting them to different sizes if there adjustable. or just use a computer chair and a stick lol.

That's an interesting challenge.

My first thought was to build a brace that you wear on your lower leg, holding an artificial "heel" or foot just below your broken foot, or supporting a shoe. I then realised that the flesh and muscles in your lower leg are connected with your foot. The brace would move the muscles as it supports you, and the muscles would pull against your foot. No good.

My next thought was to purchase a standard ankle brace like : http://www.braceshop.com/ProductCart/pc/HI-TOP-WALKING-BOOTS-c16.htm In which case you would consult your doctor. However, you would still be putting your weight on the ankle, it just prevents you from bending the joint... so that's out.

My third thought was to attach a brace to the knee or thigh. The purpose of this idea is to move the strain as far as possible from the broken ankle. As in my first idea, it would provide an artificial foot or supported shoe (maybe even a boot like idea two). It would have to bend with your leg and be light, yet sturdy. This solution would still require a walking aid like one crutch or a cane, but it may make your life easier. I'll reply to myself with a sketch in a few minutes.

Alright, so this is basically what I had in mind. However, you're going to have to visit someone who builds orthotics and they will charge for this. There's significantly more engineering in this than a simple doodle some guy on the internet drew as well.

Sorry, pic didn't work. I appologize for incorrect engineering and for poorly drawn anatomy (that little thing sticking out of the pink on the bottom is supposed to be a toe).


when i read the question an idea very similiar to this poped into my head. I like your drawing though good job!

Try a jetpack worn on the back. Seriously, I've been searching for a similar solution to distribute my body weight past my ankles and to the ground for running. My concern is that whatever attaches to the leg will cause skin pain and/or constrict blood flow to the foot.

Yup. It's a trade off. The other option is bolting the leg supports to your bones, but I imagine that it's not really a good suggestion for this case.

Why can't you get used to crutches? My friend needed them, and couldn't use them. I showed him how to use them, they're really easy to learn to use.

I imagine you could make stilts, but instead of the weight coming onto your feet and ankle, make it come from the knee or something. Imagine stilts that join to the knee, bent or straight, bent would be easier, and walk with that. It would look kinda funny but I think it might work. The image uploader is not currently working on this computer, so I'll post a picture of what I'm thinking of some time later, hopefully soon :D

Depending on the injury, the cast, and a whole bunch of other things, you might be able to get by with a cane rather than a cast. Harder to learn to use well, but potentially more stylish. But this may put stresses on the fracture that it isn't yet ready for; I'd suggest asking your doctor. But learning to use crutches generally only takes a week or so, if they've been properly adjusted. (Having them the wrong length, or having the hand grip in the wrong place, does make them harder to use.) Backpacks, of course, are a Good Thing so your hands only need to deal with the crutches. Actually, having a cane be the right length is also important. You could always give up and get or construct a wheelchair... but handling those well also takes significant amounts of practice. (A friend of mine could just about go up and down stairs with his, but he'd spent half his life in it and had competed in wheelchair track-and-field events.) My best guess is that by the time you find a good alternative you're already have gotten used to the crutches or gotten past the point where you need them, so the question will be moot.

Maybe some kind of 4-legged walker like old folks use?

Go with the 'make them a hell of a lot easier' and think 'cane' or the crutches with the arm-band.