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need suggest low voltage power amp ic? Answered

Hello . i need some suggest on choosing power amp ic.My project requirements are:
-Low voltage : 9-12v (can be run with a 9v battery)
-Good sound quality
-Output power : ~2w
-Small size 
-Easy to find 

Thanks !
Sorry for may bad English!


You'd be better with the other IC I recommended in your last post, the LM 4951, which will give you a couple of watts out of the packet, with no extra bits. Otherwise the TDA2003's not a bad part, but you need a few extra components.


Thanks. but the problem is i cant get the LM4951 in my country .The TDA2003 is good but its will drain battery very fast .

So turn the volume down !!!!!

2W, your stated requirement is going to drain a 9V battery in short order WHATever.