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need to built a telescopic bracket system for my flatscreen. Answered

I want to use my TV as a monitor as well. But I need it to height adjust on the wall about two feet, for the two different uses. No pre-made brackets that do this...any idea what to use to build it?
I'm assuming that it would be a  flat screen bracket that can slide up and down on some sort of rod or pole secured to the wall. Not sure what system to use to be able to secure it at the two different heights. It's a 22"....
 It seems a waste to not be able to use it for both and clear out the monitor I have now.  Any suggestions are appreciated.


There are motorized lifts which are used to build furniture that a flatscreen retracts into when not in use. Seems to me that a set of these, mounted so the retracted position is at desk height, would probably do what you need.

Websearch for "flat screen lift" finds several; there may be others.

Use heavy guage PVC pipes. You have to decide how to hold the sliding pipe at the place required. Either you can use a hole and pin system or the vice system. Just make sure the clamps are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the TV.