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need to cut a hole in an altoids tin? Answered

right so im trying to make a speaker system for my bicycle and i have some smaller speakrs that i want to use an altoids tin as the box to mount on handle bars, but  i dont know what tool to use to cut the holes the speakers im guessing are about 1.5 inches in diameter.    or smaller.  anyone got any suggestions?


If you need to drill a 1-1/2" hole you can either use a hole saw or a step drill bit. Either of which should be available at most DIY centers or hardware stores.

Place it flat touching a wooden surface. Use nail and hammer to punch small holes making a circular array of holes. Mark the holes you require beforehand.

i agree this is the easiest way. unless you already have a dremel, which would be my first choice.

drill (as steve suggested) , dremel, i do not suggest so but exacto knives cut through aluminum also, metal files. i personally use a simple and cheap dremel if you do not have one it is a good investment but a drill could work also you just need to know what you are doing

Make a speaker grill effect by drilling with a fine drill through a piece of "perf board", which you can get from a Radio shack - mark a nice pattern on the perf board and use the 0.1" perfect spacing as the guides.

+1 to that.

I've been using the perf board method since Steve introduced me to it some time ago.  Works a treat.  I use double-sided sticky tape to hold the board down.

Not applicable in your case but if you're drilling plastic, make sure your drill bit is sharp and use a slow speed to avoid melting the plastic.

THAT's the one, all that time ago.
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