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need to design something that will cut paper squares 4 inch by 4 inch Answered

I am using cardboard, heavy paper stocks and photo albums and trying to design/create something that will cut individually a 4 inch by 4 inch square into the centers of all these different stocks of paper/cardboard. I thought about using a dremel but it would take entirely too long. I even thought about a die cutter but cannot find one for a square in the size of 4 inch by 4 inch. They do have machines (crafting) however you have to pass the material underneath the machine and the crafting machines are not wide enough to pass through a 8.5 wide paper. Any ideas would be helpful thank you.

Even the photo albums arenot really that thick less than a quarter inch thick however it is still 8.5 inches wide. Need to design or make a press, a handheld punch or something that will be easiest to cut a 4 x 4 square out of the center of the material. I have seen up to a 2 inch punch and from reviewers even the 2 inch craft punch does not work that well for 27.00 and I need at minimum 3 inch by 3 inch but prefer 4 inch by 4 inch square. thanks


Perhaps square steel tubing sharpenned at the end. It may be necessary to case harden it.

I'll start designing something this weekend. Given that you posted this topic here, I assume you have some Knex at your disposal?

so you want a square hole punched out?


3 years ago

Why is this in the knex category? Fur real bruh.

Take a normal press like you can find in any auto parts store.

Replace the punch (usually just the top of a hydraulic jack with somthing that can hold a strong blade.

Using tool steel sharpen one edge of a 4inch piece to form a knife.

If the cutting depth is no to much you also use a big knife and cut a blade section out of it.

You can use a turntable with 90° locks and make 4 cuts to form your square.

Punching a square hole out of a stack of paper in one go will most likely fail as you have to copress the paper to cut through.

So either the insdie of the punch get's stuck from compressed paper or the outside deforms - depending if the cutting edge is pointed inward the square or outwards.