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need to know? Answered

i have a 4 battery pack  i want to use for an usb charger i need ro know what diode i need to use the battery pack gives off close to 6 v but i have a USB DC-DC Converter 3V to 5V 1A Adjustable Step-up Boost Power Supply Module. I know i need a diode i need so that the current from what  im chargeing does not go back into the battery but at the same time i need the batteries to give off as close to 5 v that it can work with the module. what i need is which one can i use to so this?  



Are you getting charged extra by someone for punctuation and capital letters ? I can't read your question, or replies.

You don't need a diode in using a battery to recharge another battery. The battery doing the charging must be a slightly higher voltage than the battery being charged. That's what keeps the electricity going the right way.

yes u do need a diode if u don't then when u go to charge the item or the moment that the batteries go below the power that is needed lets say that u r charging ur ipod and u need 5 volts well when the batteries go below 5 volts then the battery in the ipod will start to drain into the batteries and not charge. If u know what a diode is it will not let the the ipod battery drain back into the batteries that r supposed to be charging the ipod .

The batteries will equal out. The Ipod battery WILL not go back into the other battery.

well i tried it with out one and it charger for about 10 mins got into the green so i let it stay charging and after mins with out using it went from green to red so if it is not feeding back into the charging batteries in stand by mode then were did it go

IIRC the internal battery to an ipod is 3.7v LiIon, 4.2 totally charged. Also, I'm pretty sure it has a buck boost charge regulator - anything over 4.5 should work. Adding the diode means your input drops by the forward voltage of your diode, 0.7++ volts.

i know but it also means that the battery from the ipod will not charge the batteries want it that is what i have read and i know that just the boost and battery isn't enough it said that it was charging then 10 min later it said charger but i know that it wasn't cause i looked at the battery indicator and went into the red and all i know is that the battery was draining and it was on stand by so i think a diode will stop it from draining back into the battery and btw what diode will only drop that much voltage. all the ines i have tried drop the power to much so one like that will i know work

Without knowing what you're using and seeing a diagram of how you have it hooked up I don't know, but what I believe happened is when you put the good battery and connected it to the bad battery whatever was "reading the charge level" was reading both of them. After a few minutes some power was lost since it's not a perfect circuit and then the charge was not enough to register green, even with both batteries connected.