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need to know what this bracket is called Answered

Hi all, first i would like to say a love this site its so kool.... i am working on a project but i need to find out what the small bracket is called in the image, so i can try to find a place to buy them. the bracket has two hole's in th base to fix it down and one threaded hole in the side. i hope some one can help. thanks for all you instructables, and hope i can add one if i can find the bracket's vinyl


Check McMaster-Carr for "Spring Plunger Mounting Base". You'll need the dimensions of your piece to select the right item. Are you sure it's M10 thread and not a U.S. or Acme spec?

sorry i should have sed im in the UK.. im going to make them iv got some 1"x1" steel angle bar, going to weld a nut on one side, that should work..

Yup, that shuld work, just a pain in the butt :-/ Pity McM-C doesn't carry metric-thread bases (they do carry metric threaded rods!). Is there a UK analogue to McMaster-Carr (Kiteman? Killerjackalope?)?

nice, thay look like what im looking for.....thanks


9 years ago

I don't know about the threaded part, but the bracket itself looks a lot like a "pillow block," which normally has a bearing instead of the thread.

For examples, see the items at the top here.

. My thoughts exactly. GMTA. :)

Thanks, I had to look that up. I'm acronym-challenged...

thanks gmoon will have a look

Any clues to where you found this part or what it may have come from? The dimensions might help us figure it out, at least the size of the threaded hole. Is that just a painted coating or a baked-on hard coating?

i got the part off a angle grinder support base, it was used to hould the threaded rod for the clamp. its 2"x3/4" its M10 threaded hole looks like baked-on hard coating iv just orderd some 1" x 1/2" - Aluminium Flat Bar, going to try to make them.


I guess you don't have the capability to machine the part. If you don't have a critical application maybe you can just epoxy a corresponding nut or threaded rod connector on to your flat stock and drill holes for the mounting screws. You should be able to go online to search for the tool manual for that grinder or a similar grinder to get a replacement part. Good luck.