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need to replace dash cam camera switch so that it will auto turn on with ignition Answered

, as it is now it gets power but i need to push the on button to start the camera . i would also like to have it turn off auto, with a bypass, in case i want to keep the camera running with the ignition off ,but key in aux,, like a radio.. it has a battery that last about 15 minutes..


use a relay switch hooked up though your ignition circuit & have the unit get power though your radio circuit so it gets cut off when you turn the ignition off but would stay powered if you have the key in the accessories position.

what type of relay would i use? i have one i has bought for a reverse camera, i have tp check the numbers, i had the info in my cell, but the screen went blank and cant ge any info out, nor will it back up. yes that seems o be the best option, i need to find a supplier of those auto fuse taps, they are blade fuses that allow you to connect another ckt to them. so much easier than taping into th radio power wire. \i have a older version, so i can figure out how to bring out the wires dor the switch, and bypass the switch. the only problem is that i think i need to close the ckt for a coupe seconds. the switch i am trying to hack is normally open , and requires a 2 or 3 second closure , power lead is independent of the on switch. spst relay, 12 vdc with a momentary closure? not sure how that wouls be nomenclature the dash cam is from deal extreme, make and model of vehicle doesn't matter.i see i can add images and a link so will do that, deal extreme has different dash cams, this one in the second newest, black rectangle with ring of ir 's around lens, this one has / think 22 degree wide field of view, which is wider than its prediseor, however i still want wider. the last close call i had, a couple weeks back, i wish i could have seen the driver, to see if they were on a cell phone. in the meantime on youtube, i think the dash-cam videos, and tests comparison under the account stop MVA and nyc bicyclist, or is that flickr? learning now how it would be easier to have the same name. if those dont pop up, a search off all tags for stopmva,dashcam,NY will highlight them. i would do it now but already falling aslep. oh one more thing deal extreme doesn't call them dash cam or they don't pop in searches, i think they show in digital video camera , width and length of pack of cigarettes, and less than 1/2 thick, removable proprietary battery, i think is 3.7 so need to check output vols of dc auto plug, media is sd or sdhc card. /writes over old info i a circle.think biggest i had work was 8gig, though deal exreme says 32gigs, but that is pretty common with DE. big con is it records in min intervals, and the fraction it takes to start the next section, i have missed stuff. i bought a high-speed camera by casio on scoop, that wouls be great to hack into a dash cam....at 420fps i get some nice slo motion. i think it goes to 1000 fps, but that is slower then needed fir any application i can think of, ideas? omn what ti shoot at 1000fps? thanks.

.  Let's start with the basics.
  • Is this a factory-installed option or something you installed?
  • If it's not a factory option, manufacturer and model number?
  • Year, make and model of vehicle?