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nemomatic- Finalist Answered

nemomatic is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:
Giant Squid kinetic sculpture from found materials

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It seems that many are interested what each finalist would do if they happened to win the Laser Cutter. In my case I would be very excited to produce small, limited edition mechanical sculptures. Everything that currently comes out of my studio is one of a kind, time consuming and expensive. While this may suit the incredibly scarce population of wealthy collectors, it leaves the rest of us in the lurch. I would like to bridge this gap with pieces that are equally fascinating and affordable. A whole army of little tin-toy style robots and monsters! Not to mention countless detailing and production aspects of my traditional work. Custom etched switch plate covers, precision cams, and on and on. If you would like to see examples of the design sense that I would apply to these little beasties, please visit my website.

Thanks to you all for so many interesting entries. I now find myself using instructables like an encyclopedia whenever I encounter unknown territory in my studio. I hope my contribution was useful to some of you in the same way.


This is so amazing! Your instructable is quite inspiring!

that is very cool. i was going to ask how big it is, but then i watched the video. really puts it all into perspective. about how much time does it take to make one of these?

I think I spent about half a year working on this one. It is difficult to say, because I always have several projects going simultaneously. It is the only way to make sure that I make all the right decisions. If I get too frustrated (happens often), I walk away from it and work on something else until the original problem doesn't seem so bad. It helps insure that everything is done with a relatively level head.

OK. well... it is not "useful" persay. . . but VERY cool in its own right. i would give it an A+. I only wish that i could make stuff like that. its very... upscale. like it belongs in some mansion in california or in a room at the palms.

I'm hoping for a big aquarium or science center actually, but a rich weirdo pad suits me fine. And no, not useful at all really, but there is a good deal of useful information in the process that led up to it. Around here it seems like its not so much what you made, as how you made it.

Your metalworking is fantastic without a lazer cutter, I can't wait to see what you make with one! hope you win! the squid is pure awsome!

Excellent work I love your giant squid and your chopper bicycle is awsome. Hope you win the price.

Very Nice, I believe you are very deserving of the prize. I love the use of organic biological curves with industrial materials. You obviously have skill in metalworking. And another tool in the arsenal really can broaden your horizons. Are you self taught or did you attend a art/arts & Craft school? Congrats to you and good luck.

Hi. Thanks for the support. I can't help but agree with you about new tools= new horizons. I went to the Kansas City Art Institute, and U.C. Berkeley for grad school in art. I have had to pick up all the "skill" stuff on my own though. Art schools aren't particularly suited to mechanical/metal work development. I have been very fortunate to have many talented friends since school who have had the patience to help me get my technical skills in order.


11 years ago