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nephew's halloween costume Answered

Hi all, I am new here because my nephew wants to be a robot for halloween. I showed him a number of sites which featured adult halloween costumes (and some for children) and he didn't like anything I saw on the site. Does anyone have any links I can check out or ideas about how to make a robot costume that is both environmentally healthy and more importantly safe for my nephew (He's 10 years old)


Yes, a unique costume for a "robot" would make a great Contest entry instructable when that comes up too (probably next month?)

Here is the original version of the GORT robot of The Day the Earth Stood Still, fame.

I would think that the clothes could be silvered in some safe way (very visible at night in headlights, etc), and the helmet could be an old bikers dome, or cereal bowl, over a welder's helmet (with the visor being CLEAR instead of darkened).

Just some ideas....

A quick search reveals several good ideas.

If you're not fixed on "robot", though, the site is stuffed full of costume ideas.


(BTW, welcome to Instructables - whatever you decide to do, take plenty of photos as you go along, and then publish your own Instructables about it!)