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nes pc and mouse Answered

hey guys...i was just wondering two things. First, is it theoretically possible to build one of these nintendo pc's to be operated as a fully functional pc for gaming and internet use, with your tv as a monitor and to install jacks to be able to connect to a surround sound system? also, i am not too good with computers and all that jazz but ever consider a nes controller that would operate as a mouse? this, of course, would be assuming that you could use your pc in the way i mentioned above, if not it would be kind of pointless. i also thought it would be nifty if it could be a wireless deal...you know...just so you don't have to sit 3 feet away from your television...


why dont you jstu take a regular pc and make a NES case mod for it. usea dremmel to cut holes for jacks, or whatever and then use a like s-video, vga, or dvi cord to plug it into your t.v. as for the mouse im not sure. i know they sell gaming controllers for pc's maybe you could case mod it too.

thats basically my plan. i am using the tutorial on the nes pc from this site as like a blueprint...i kind of want to take it to the next level. and i figure, if i have cable internet and a can hook the computer to my tv that just means i could use the internet and all from my couch, on a 56 inch monitor/tv.

dont put it into a nes case. that is too small unless your using a mac mini or something. I would reccomend buying a big grey plastic box or something like that from a hardware store or something and cut the corners downand like hot glue em back on so it has the flat corner thingies. then spray paint it using a stencil cut with a ruler so the lines are straight, from there id just usea dremmel tool to cut holes for ports jacks and whatnot. watch out though because if you turn a tower on its side i dont know how the disc drives will work, may scratch the discs a bit too.

Umm, how are you going to fit a regular pc into a nes case?? -josh

Yes, you certainly could, in act, the NES PC functions as a normal pc, but with a "Front end" running on it. It might not meet the needs of some newer games, you'd have to check when buying your hardware.

For a NES controller mouse, have a look here, because it seems that someone has done it before ;-)

yeah...i know it operates normal but i wasnt really sure of what limitations it had and i new cooling was going to be a problem...hopefully everything i have in mind will work out...keep you posted on the scenario...thanks

Internet yes, Games maybe ( if it was specced up enough) , think 2/3 years ago. Latest games NO. I'll tell you why: high end graphics cards kick out a lot of heat and in such a small box that isn't good you'd overheat the graphics card. I think that you'd be best anyway with on-board graphics as it would be hard to squash a graphics card in even with a right angle adapter.

Same with surround sound possible, if you can get a 5.1 (or what ever the new one is, is it 7.2?) card in and manage to wire it up.

As for mouse if you meant use the d pad as the control then you could convert it to a joystick via usb or the parallel port. And then if you wanted wireless you'd need a bluetooth to usb or parallel adapter.

Ask if you need any more info!


thanks for your help! i will be keeping everyone up to date on this so i can get ideas of what might work out and what will not...i am also open to any ideas that any one has that would be a cool addition...

thanks for your help, everyone! this is kind of a "work in progress"...i have a good idea of what i want but still coming up with how to make it plausible and operating correctly within that itty bitty space! definatly going to figure out a cooling system other than the integrated fan on the processor and trying to get it to play the newer games...i mean it doesnt really matter to me, more for my friends...i really only play tetris, atari and super nintendo. And i thought the mouse would compliment the nes...wonder if a power glove could be used in the same way as a mouse...(ok...now i am getting retarded with it!!!)i'll keep everyone up to date...